Russ Boles Fights for Williamson County Families

As a successful business owner and mentor for young professionals, Russ Boles understands that government should be run like a business, not a bureaucracy. That is why he was trusted by the Governor as a Director of one of the state's largest river authorities. With this proven background of conservative management experience, Russ will fight to keep Williamson County budgets trim and efficient, tax rates low, and make smart investments in what really matters to protect our quality of life.

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Property tax relief

Russ Boles believes that the property tax burden on homeowners is too high, and that local governments should maintain efficient budgets in order to reduce property taxes on homeowners.

With a long and successful track record in our local business community, we can trust Russ to bring...

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Better roads

  • Williamson County is one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. The decisions that we make today will impact our community for generations to come.

That is why Russ is a strong advocate for long-term planning to improve our road capacity, reduce congestion, and make our...

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High-paying local jobs

  • Williamson County workers need more opportunities to advance their careers locally and provide a higher standard of living for their families. By attracting high-paying jobs to our area, we can provide a stronger foundation for our local economy and a broader industrial tax base to reduce...
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Top-notch public safety

  • After graduating from law school, then-Judge John Carter appointed Russ Boles as an advocate for battered women, abused and neglected children, and the elderly in Williamson County's courts of law. Russ knows first-hand the importance of public safety.

Russ believes in George W....


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