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Safer Schools & Community

  • After graduating from law school, then-Judge John Carter appointed Russ Boles as an advocate for battered women, abused and neglected children, and the elderly in Williamson County's courts of law. Now as a father of two daughters, Russ knows first-hand the importance of public safety.

    One of Russ's highest priorities as commissioner is providing the funding, infrastructure, training, and support necessary to improve the safety of our schools and neighborhoods. He has done that.

    Throughout the pandemic, Russ aggressively made sure that the CARES Act funds allocated to the states by the Trump Administration got into the pockets of local small businesses, school districts, and police departments through the “Wilco Forward” programs.

Russ never stops pushing for more resources for law enforcement. Since taking office, he has increased the sheriff's office budget by $12 million and added 15 new positions. While other places are defunding police, Russ is making sure the families of Williamson County are secure. No Austin values here. Just law and order.